Here you have access to our best resources and most exclusive techniques for you to develop your energy capacities, increase your perception power and never stop experimenting with the infinite channeled resources of the Akashic Records for you.

Free Bioenergetic Resources

Techniques, visualizations, recitations and simple practices that you can implement every day so that you begin to experience Akashic Therapy and the infinite resources it has to offer you.

Balance all your energies

An intense guided meditation with fractals that will provide the exact frequencies to harmonize your energies

Start the Meditation now

Water Dynamizer

Simple and powerful daily technique to boost your bioenergy

Charge with bioenergy my water

Develop your Heart Chakra

Learn how to develop this chakra with a very powerful technique

Improve my Heart Chakra

Acquire 7 Mental Powers

7 mental techniques to dynamize your mental bioenergy

Develop my mental powers

Our Services

Guided by Luciano Guccione you will be able to find the precise resources to find the causes and all possible solutions for them, through the indagation in the Akashic Records.

Diagnosis + Holistic Pyramid

Each person’s energy blocks are unique. By getting to know the nature of your own energy, you can take action to clear your blocks and enjoy significant progress in every area of your life

Fuel your wellness

Akashic Clairvoyance + Treatment Proposal

Get to know which are the negative interferences that are causing the situation or the problem you want to overcome.

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