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You could dynamize your Kundalini, your nadis, your meridians?

Balance your chakras and sustain your health?

Find the ideal paths and persons and also modify the direction of your future towards the most beneficial one?

Harmonize your couple or get out of loneliness?

Plus, get to know the causes of the problem or situation you are dealing with as I will seek through akashic clairvoyance where the roots of your issue are located.

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the 19 ceremonies

  • Balance psychology, neurosis, emotional system
  • Dynamize nadis, meridians
  • Favor the development of your children
  • Chakra Balance
  • Modify the direction of your future towards the most beneficial one
  • Normalize and open the Third and Fourth Eye
  • Cut connections with negative past lives
  • Divine Justice
  • Affective life, harmonize couples, get out of loneliness
  • Sustain Health
  • Eliminate negative energies (inteligent and non - inteligent) from numbers
  • Supress negative energies (inteligent and non - inteligent) from people
  • Propel businesses, commerce, ventures and jobs
  • Find the ideal paths and persons
  • Heal the 18 subtle bodies
  • Leave in the hands of God
  • Dynamize your Kundalini
  • Miracle Request
  • Divine Blessing

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I graduated as an Akashic Therapist in 2010 after studying with the frenchProfessor Eric Barone, creator of Akashic Therapy.

Since then, I have been dedicated to utilize the means of inquiry, the methods and technics that the Akashic Therapy brings to us.

This wellness generator tools are decisive to iniciate and intensify the process of change in the life of my patients.

Within the Akashic Therapy I specialize in::

  • Investigator of the Akashic Records
  • Applied Psychotronic
  • Magic Crafts Technician
  • Bioenergy Technician
  • Superior Technician in Vehicular Purifcation
  • Expert in Multi – faceted Diagnosis

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